Purification + Hydration For All

 A revolutionary breakthrough that combines water disinfection and hydration in one tablet.

We are a social startup on a mission to hydrate the world through our PurLyte “+” Tablets! 

We’re currently working on bringing to market our PurLyte Quest Tablets. They purify water before turning it into a tasty sports drink  that can fuel you on any Quest.

As we begin selling our Quest Tablets, we’ll expand and continue developing our PurLyte Clean Hydration Tablets.

More than just a sports drink, our Clean Hydration Tablets will purify water before providing clinical rehydration in the form of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS, a WHO recommended formulation for preventing and treating dehydration). They’re our main reason for doing what we’re doing, since we think these tablets would help prevent people from dying from illnesses like cholera.

We’ll continue selling our Quest Tablets in the U.S. as we bring our Clean Hydration Tablets to the U.S. market. Once we have both on the market, we’ll focus on scaling up our business operations, and expanding outside of the U.S.

As we grow our company, we’ll begin donating PurLyte Clean Hydration Tablets to NGOs for use in resource-limited, and disaster-relief settings as we’re able.

Our Mission

We want to ensure our tablets make it into the hands of those who could be saved by them: those without access to reliable and safe water. To do this, we will donate one tablet to someone in need for every tablet purchased, once our company is self-sustaining.

Each year, diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death globally.

When access to clean drinking water is scarce, individuals are often forced to drink water that is unsafe. Water that has not been treated or disinfected in any way commonly contains infectious organisms known to cause a vast majority of acute diarrheal illnesses.